All About The Mana Vault

The Mana Vault is a YouTube channel that was started by a small group of friends in August of 2019. From the onset our goal was and is to make quality content, especially in areas that seem to need it most.

This idea brought us to create Modern Meta Matchups. A series that allows us to bring paper Modern gameplay to life by making it easy to see and read the cards that are played in a game.

We also enjoy showing the occasional box opening, so that our viewers can enjoy the experience without breaking the bank.

Coming soon we plan to bring to life Commander in the same style of our Modern series. 

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Meet the Team


Austin Davis

Modern Meta Matchups Host

Austin has been playing magic since the release of Khans of Tarkir in 2014. Austin is the host of Modern Meta Matchups and enjoys playing a wide variety of Modern decks. His favorite format is Draft, with Modern in a very tight second, but he enjoys playing all formats. Austin's favorite modern deck of all time was the Whirza deck during the summer of the Gaak.


Chris Ainhorn

Executive Producer and Sound Engineer

Chris has been an avid Magic player since M15 release in 2014. Utilizing his background in steaming; Chris is the executive producer/sound engineer for the channel. His favorite formats are tied between legacy and historic. His favorite deck of all time is modern Bogles.


Ian Cosgrove

Associate Producer and Thumbnail Creator

Ian Cosgrove has been playing magic casually since Starter 1999. He started playing more competitively when Core Set 2015 released. Most of what he does is behind the scenes such as taking notes and making the thumbnails for the magic game play videos. Every once in a blue moon he appears on a video playing modern, its pretty swell.


JC Everhart

Associate Producer and Featured Guest

JC has been playing Magic since Theros first dropped, but stepped into competitive play around the time of Oath of the Gatewatch. He is a level 1 judge and his favorite format is Commander, but Modern is a close second. His favorite decks are Atraxa Superfriends and Mono Green Tron. Outside of Magic, JC is a big fan of D&D, basketball and playing the electric guitar and bass. He frequently contributes as a player and podcast host at the Mana Vault.


Arven Hormez

Associate Producer

Arven has been playing magic since 2015, but really started playing competitively in 2017. His favorite format is legacy, but really just likes to play any format. Miracles in the days when Sensei’s Divining Top was still legal was his deck of choice. Arven loves to play competitive magic more than anything, whether it is at the local shop or at the Grand Prix.


Sean Boebertiz

Channel Editor and Technical Producer

Sean, while new to Magic The Gathering, has been editing videos and playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2012. His favorite format is Commander, but he has grown to appreciate modern and the other formats over the last few months while editing for The Mana Vault. When not editing, Sean loves to watch movies and play a variety of board games and video games with his friends. His first major set was Kaldheim, and he looks forward to all future releases.


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